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  • Casting Networks is a software company that provides tools for talent to promote their careers and submit for acting jobs online.  We are not an agency, casting director or headhunter/employment service.  Casting Networks is privately owned and is not affiliated with other software companies.


    A Casting Networks profile is the ultimate marketing tool for talent.  It is searchable by accredited Casting Directors, follows you through the entire submission and casting process and even goes attached to your live auditions, along with your digital size card.  You can create a custom URL to share with anyone and use resources like our directories to contact Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors.  If you are unrepresented, you can list yourself on Talent Scout® for free, to let Agents and Managers know you are seeking representation.


    We offer talent the ability search for a wide variety of roles, including but not limited to theatrical, commercial, hosting, background, stunt work, print and voiceover jobs through Casting Billboard®.  Accredited Casting Directors can release their projects to licensed Agencies with the option to open up projects up for public submissions.  All projects posted on Casting Billboard are screened and approved by a member of the Casting Networks staff.


    At Casting Networks, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for projects, photo quality, and customer service. We do this without being involved in the booking or hiring of talent nor do we receive commission for any job cast through our site.  Our submission and uploading software is free for Casting Professionals.  Our goal is not to change the way business is done but to enhance the industry with the latest technologies while preserving the essential relationship between casting, agents and talent.

  • Signing up on Casting Networks with a personal account allows you to view and submit yourself to Casting Billboard® projects posted by professional Casting Directors and Independent Filmmakers. You'll also automatically be part of our Talent Scout™ program, which allows Agents to access to your profile when they are searching for new clients. In addition, you are searchable by Casting Directors 24 hours a day, which means they have the ability to contact you.

    We continue to add new features to Casting Networks that are actor-friendly, so keep checking back!

    All Personal Accounts include:


    • Unlimited Casting Billboard submissions
    • Media Hosting with Unlimited Media Uploads*
    • Photos Unlimited*
    • Talent Scout™ program
    • Emailed Project Notices
    • Your own personal URL (coming soon)
    • The ability to send your profile via email to anyone online
    • A profile in the database searched by Casting Directors
    • Access to resources like Directories and Industry jobs.


    *Premium Service subscriptions are free for a limited time during our promotional period.

  • Log in to your account and click on the "Edit" button next to your profile or click "My Profiles" from the main navigation bar to access all profiles and click Edit next to the profile you wish to modify. If you are creating a new profile, you have the option to import information from an existing one, instead of entering everything again.


    There are several parts of your profile, including your attributes, credits, experience and skills. For help with your Photos and Media, please see the My Photos and My Video/Audio sections of the FAQs.


    AU Edit Profile Sections


    1) Additional Representation

    • If you would like to list additional reprsentation information on your profile, click "Add Rep Info."
    • Enter the contact details for your other representation and click "Save & Close."

    Please note, listing an additional rep on your profile will not give them access to your profile. Only the agency you created the profile under will be able to access it. You must create a new profile for each additional agency if you would like them to be able to submit you.


    2) Attributes & Sizes

    • Click "Add Attributes," "Add Sizes," or "Edit" to enter or update your attribute and/or size fields.
    • Attributes marked as "(Not Visible)" will not appear on your profile, but are search options for both Casting Directors and Agents. Completing these fields will return your profile in the appropriate search results.
    • Size information will display on your profile, as well as your digital size sheet/wardrobe form.
    • Once you have entered/updated your desired fields, click "Save & Close"


    3) Experience & Training

    • Click "Add Experience & Training" or "Edit" to input or update credits.
    • To add a new header click "+ Add New Header." Select the header you'd like and click "Create."
    • To add a credit, click "+ Add New Credit." Continue adding as many credits as you would like under the header and click "Save" when you are done.
    • To move your headings or credits up or down, click on the up and down arrows to the left of each listing or drag and drop your credits into the order you'd like them.
    • To delete a credit, click the "X" listed to the right side of the entry.
    • To edit an existing entry, click on the field you would like to change. Click "Save" when your updates are complete.


    4) Skills

    • Click "Add Skills" or "Edit" to input or update skills.
    • Skills are separated into category, and can be expanded on the left side of the page.
    • All skills default to "No Experience." Do not change the skill level for those you do not posess.
    • For skills you would like listed on your profile, select the appropriate level from "Novice," "Intermediate," or "Expert." The skill, not the level, will be displayed on your profile.
    • Click "Save" after any changes.


    5) Other Experience

    • If you have other experience, such as awards or hobbies, you would like listed on your profile, click "Add Other Experience" and enter them into the text only field.
  • Casting Networks is a software company used by professional and independent Casting Directors alike, to post projects and find talent for jobs. We are not an agency, casting company or headhunter/employment service, and cannot guarantee work for any talent on our site.


    Casting Directors will use our site to post projects of all types, including but not limited to, commericals, film, television and print jobs, which you and/or your agent can submit to. If you are selected for an audition, you will receive an alert on your dashboard with details about your audition.

  • To change your agent, click "Add New Profile" on your dashboard. Select "Have an Agent" and enter your new agency code to create a new profile. You will then have the option to import information from your old profile.


    If you would like to deactivate your old profile, click on "My Profiles" on your main menu bar. Click on the "Options" next to your old profile and select "Deactivate." You can reactivate your old profile at any time, if desired.


  • Casting Networks India is currently free for all talent. We do not ask for credit card details when creating your profile.

    Memberships are commitment-free and can be cancelled at any time. Once the promotional period ends, we will introduce our nominal service subscription prices.

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